Mr.Mohamed Ibrahim, Founder &Trustee Mr.M.Anwar Kabir, Chairman
Mr.M.I.Abdul Gafoor, Correspondent Mr.M.I.Humayun Kabir, Secretary
Mr.M.I.Ahmed Yasin, Secretary Mr.A.Hameed Batcha, Trustee

It gives me an immense pleasure to provide Quality Education to Remote and Poor People. We are not restricted to academic excellence. But do we believe in nurturing Patriotism, eco education, good deeds with human values. “Annai Marumalarchi Thittam” is a revolutionary concept which is provided education over hundred poor students. Our eco education namely “Annai Green Revolutionary” is an added value for our academic.

The revolutionary concept of coaching classes from 6pm to 12pm and 4am to 8am to unique concepts. To feel the fragrance, then let you club with Annai family. Excellence in the education is the priority of this college. Our goal is to prepare our graduates to function at their optimum level as they meet the exciting challenges and opportunities that await them in the 21st century. I can list my excellent reasons to study at our college but I think you may find it even more relevant to hear directly from your peers, Annai students themselves.

Success is never final. Failure is never fatal. It is courage that counts.”- Winston

About Us

Annai College of Polytechnic a leader among the polytechnic colleges in the neighborhood of Kumbakonam was started in the year 2008. It has emerged as a Temple of Learning in the City of Temple (Kumbakonam). It is a Temple of Learning because we combine quality education appropriate for today as well as for tomorrow, with the values of the old world (Temple). Since inception Annai College has grown many folds and now it has there are around 2000 students. Our college logo is represented by three birds flying across a rectangle painted grey with blue border. The small bird at the threshold into the rectangle represents the students entering our college. This bird is portrayed sightless because students at the point of entry into college are blind to the deeper meanings of reality. But once a student comes under our guidance, he is taken through the learning process and gains insight into the world of knowledge the third bird with eyes open, flying our of the rectangle represents the fully rounded personality that our outgoing students acquire as a result of our quality education in the classroom and extra syllabus education outside the class rooms. we are not only focusing on the quality education apart from that we concentrate students empowerments, basic amenities and moral intelligence. Continuosly,our students get good academic records and ranks in zone level often. Our Management offers several benefits to our students such as modern lab facilities, well infrastructure, green campus, cleanliness campus, transportation and so on.


To empower the youth through quality education from rural areas and to provide professional leadership.


*To identify the demands of the globalised world and equip the students, with appropriate technical skill sets, to meet the challenge.
*To offer add on programmes like personality development to hone their social skills to fit into the modern concepts like team management.
*To customize the instructional strategies to suit the slow learners since they come from rural background.
*To encourage internship and offer training programmes to enhance their employability.To design the curricular objectives to enable the students to be on the self-learning mode.

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