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Annai College of Polytechnic a leader among the polytechnic colleges in the neighborhood of Kumbakonam was started in the year 2008. It has emerged as a Temple of Learning in the City of Temple (Kumbakonam). It is a Temple of Learning because we combine quality education appropriate for today as well as for tomorrow, with the values of the old world (Temple). Since inception Annai College has grown many folds and now it has there are around 2000 students. Our college logo is represented by three birds flying across a rectangle painted grey with blue border. The small bird at the threshold into the rectangle represents the students entering our college. This bird is portrayed sightless because students at the point of entry into college are blind to the deeper meanings of reality. But once a student comes under our guidance, he is taken through the learning process and gains insight into the world of knowledge the third bird with eyes open, flying our of the rectangle represents the fully rounded personality that our outgoing students acquire as a result of our quality education in the classroom and extra syllabus education outside the class rooms. To blossom into an internationally renowned institution. To empower the youth through quality education from rural areas and to provide professional leadership. To achieve excellence in all its endeavours to face global changes. To provide excellent teaching and research ambience. To network with global Institutions of Excellence, Business, Industry and Research Organizations. To contribute to the knowledge base through scientific enquiry, Applied Research and Innovation. To enable our students to develop into outstanding professionals with high ethic standards to face the challenges of the next millennium.
To empower rural youth through technical skill sets and provide valuable resources for industry and society through excellence in technical education.
 To identify the demands of the globalised world and equip the students, with appropriate technical skill sets, to meet the challenge.
 To offer add on programmes like personality development to hone their social skills to fit into the modern concepts like team management.
 To customize the instructional strategies to suit the slow learners since they come from rural background.
 To encourage internship and offer training programmes to enhance their employability.
 To design the curricular objectives to enable the students to be on the self-learning mode